On The Road With The Wolf was prompted by my late summer visit to Danny Lyon's retrospectivE Danny Lyon: Message To The Future At the Whitney in New York. I was struck by the depth, simplicity and power of his photographs and film, and immediately realized I would be embarking on a trip similar to those documented in Lyon's prolific work. My dad and I would drive a big U-Haul truck to take his tools and other contents from his garage in upstate New York to my brother's farm in Washington. My parents sold the house they lived in for almost 20 years; the home into which my Dad poured his heart, soul, sweat and blood, and every spare moment of time and effort he had, in making that old carriage house into a beautiful sanctuary for our family. It was more than just a trip, but an opportunity for my father and I to engage in conversation about our lives as they transitioned into the unknown. I documented our journey on 35mm film and recorded the audio using a handheld recorder that I would leave running for hours at a time. Our conversations ran the spectrum from retirement to heartbreak to the unforeseeable future, baring our souls in an effort to find some catharsis. The vastness of the landscape coupled with the uncertainty of the road ahead proved to be a perfect venue for some soul-searching.